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      second-to-none services

      your one-and-only life



      Providing companies with a loyalty management platform in a variety of fields.

      • Register for corporate account
      • Top-up account or purchase benefits package
      • Create multiple sub accounts accordingly
      • Distribute benefits through Toplist currency or benefits packages
      • Customers log-in and experience unparalleled services
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      Vouchers for 160000+Hotels worldwide


      Vouchers for 300+ 5-star hotel buffets nationwide


      Vouchers for 50000+ restaurants (menu degustation and a la carte)


      Vouchers for 60+chain supermarkets


      3000+ entertainment related programs for all ages

      Bespoke Services

      Over a dozen bespoke services


      100+ exclusive travel routes


      100000+ SKUs


      500+ Partnering airports providing VIP lounges, CIP channels and a variety of travel services



      Wide Variety of Resources

      Toplist has curated plenty of resources from their partnering vendors from hotels to restaurants to shopping retail ravel and bespoke services which is all supported by Toplist’s time tested reservation system which has already served millions of users.

      Online and offline voucher redemption system

      Toplists voucher redemption system is embedded in thousands of outlets including restaurants, coffee shops, karaoke bars and supermarkets

      Time tested accounting system

      Toplist’s system supports accounting from whatever payment channel, including Alipay, Wechat Pay, Unionpay or Toplist’s own currency. All financials are shown and synchronised.



      Creating a customized CRM platform according to your customer’s unique profile

      Toplist provides long term CRM solutions as well as viral marketing events, both online and offline to boost the customer’s loyalty. Our solutions are also supported by our advanced tech team to deliver near-perfect results.

      Customized plans based on customer’s need and wants

      Toplist’s wide variety of resources include hotels world wide, restaurants nationwide and travel routes that spread across 7 continents. Our resources are endless as we are constantly developing new partnerships with vendors across the world.

      Big Data Collection for a more precise customer analysis

      Toplist ensures your company's desired level of brand exposure both online and offline.

      Customer Service

      Toplist can track the customer’s spending habits based on the benefits they use and deliver aforementioned data back to the corporate client for a more precise customer profile which in turn can result in more responsive marketing projects in the future.

      24/7 Customer Service

      Toplist has over 50 customer service representatives to provide solutions on the minimal complaints we receive.
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      ABOUT US

      Shanghai Toplist Information Technology co. Ltd., was founded in 2009 (originally known as Shanghai Toplist Business Consulting co.) has serviced all 5 major credit card companies as well as banks across the globe. From Credit Cards to Private Banking, Toplist added value and enhances customer experience with dozens of banks and credit card companies. Toplist edges out the competition with an experienced project management team, a resourceful business development department, a professional customer service team, an industry-leading IT department, a highly-efficient operations department, an extremely savvy creative team and a unrivaled PR Crisis-management department.

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